Dedicated to Destiny: A Pursuit of Personal Growth, Prosperity & Purpose

Dedicated to Destiny: A Pursuit of Personal Growth, Prosperity & Purpose serves as a guidebook for life's rapidly-changing circumstances and walks you through navigating the 6 stages of transformation so that you may embark on the path to live your destined life.  

Studies show that change is doubling each year and how we adapt to change will have a direct impact on our lives and in the world. As the  world transforms, so do we. The time is now for us all to live the  happiest, healthiest and truest version of ourselves. In Dedicated to  Destiny, leadership coach, Angel Carlton provides strategies of self-discovery in six stages. These provide the “how-to” for seekers of a more fulfilling life to get where they want to be.

The six stages of transformation are Realize, Release, Rebound,  Reinvent, Resurrect and Respond. Awareness of these stages allows  readers to understand where they have been, where they are now, and  where they are heading. The six stages provide a fresh outlook on life  while helping clear the clutter that prevents many people from achieving  greatness.


Dedicated to Destiny is proudly published through Changemakers Books, A John Hunt Publishing Imprint.  Also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers worldwide. 

A message from the author

Several years ago I experienced some major life changes and went through some tough times.  I meditated and journaled on a regular basis to help manage my emotions and keep my sanity.  Through those journal entries came a consistent message of hope and an explanation of where I’ve been, where I am heading and the most profound, why it was happening.  I captured these messages and created a framework so that I can better understand the process I was experiencing during each life-altering change being tossed my way.  From there, I was guided to write a book with this message and seek a publisher.  So I did just that and although I sent 2 dozen proposals out, the very first publisher, Changemakers Books, I sent my proposal to accepted it, which from what I understand, never happens!  I am proud to say the time has come and it’s finally hitting the shelves of booksellers all over the world.  

I have to be honest here, although the content of this book came through me several years ago with the intention to help others navigate life's rapid tides of change the same way it helped me, I have continued to experience incredible growth since then. Despite what you may see on my Facebook posts, life’s challenges didn’t stop showing up.  And the more I talk to people, the more I realize so many of us are experiencing the same struggles, stresses and symptoms of transformation.  Studies show the pace of change is doubling every year and because our brains are not programmed to adapt to change, it creates stress.  Just look at the news!

It was when the publisher sent me my first copy of my own book and read it in its entirety that I gained the perspective I needed to hear for me to prevail through the past few years. It's almost as if I wrote the book to my future self, the person I am today who needed to hear these messages again.  I share this because I truly feel this message is meant to be shared.  My purpose is clear, to help people navigate change so that they transform into the next greatest version of themselves… beginning with myself.  

So as I am in the process of introducing my baby to the world, please join me in the celebration in welcoming my new book, Dedicated to Destiny, A Pursuit of Personal Growth, Prosperity & Purpose.  It's about adapting to change in this crazy, hectic world of ours. The book explains how to maintain our focus on a greater purpose, a grander vision of ourselves, to help us get through those tough times and thrive as a result of it all.  I introduce the 6 Stages of Transformation that helped me move through some of life’s most horrific challenges, a natural process that if we pay attention to it, becomes a powerful tool.  I remain a student of this process and the more change that occurs in my life, the easier it gets…almost to the point where I embrace it and become wildly curious about the outcome.  I invite you to explore the messages for yourself and share them with those around you so that we may create a more compassionate, kind and caring world.  

Thank you for allowing me to share.  #ibelieveinyou #dedicatedtodestiny