Angel Carlton, Author, Speaker, Radio/Podcast Host, Transformation Coach & Leadership Facilitator

My mission is to help people navigate change so that they transform into the next greatest version of themselves.  I pursue this vision by sharing inspiring messages through my books, speaking, training and on-air where I co-host a podcast interviewing high-profile leaders who are leading the way today. 


About Angel Carlton


A creative visionary

I am one of those creative big-picture visionaries who has too many ideas and not enough time to implement them all.  I am constantly developing programs and projects that make the world a better place.  With each idea that comes through me, I use the gift of imagination and intuition to help others develop a greater self-awareness, embrace a deeper perspective of life and introduce an approach to navigating change with a healthy curiosity.   Here are just a few of my recent projects:

Being a student of life is an eternal assignment and my destiny is to share what I have learned so that you too may embrace change for the better, find purpose in each circumstance and become a role model within your circle of influence.


a bridge for the awakened mind

My professional background is a leadership development facilitator and transformation coach.  My passion is to build a bridge from the old way of thinking to a new way of being.  I serve today's leaders, be it in the corporate classroom, community or with our young generation, and prepare them for tomorrow's world.  This means helping others generate awareness of self, their environment and seeking ways to empower others.  Being a leader is more than having an "open" mind, but also an awakened mind.  It is the responsibility of those who are waking up to serve others, to step into a bold position of influence, share these perspectives and transfer that wisdom and knowledge to the next wave of compassionate leaders.  Becoming such a mentor is an everyday practice where challenges are viewed as lessons and lessons are meant to be shared.  



My journey has provided me with so many rich opportunities to share this unique message that Spirit gifted me with.  I serve as a "transformation tour guide" by providing you with a process, a divine framework, that helps those with awakened minds adapt to the inner shifts necessary to live one's destined life.  The Dedicated to Destiny Program comes in the form of a keynote presentation, a one-day workshop or retreat.  I embrace each speaking appearance as an experiential adventure of the soul so that each participant is reminded of the sense of purpose that dwells in us all, freeing us from limitations and resurrecting ourselves toward a grander vision of life.   You're welcome to visit my website to learn more about who I am at AngelCarlton.com.