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I’ve  always been the type of guy who is open to new ideas and experiences.  I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t read as much as used to, but when I  started reading this incredible book I literally couldn’t stop! The  eloquence and honesty of her writing constantly kept me intrigued and  inspired. It’s very rare to find something that makes you think and feel  about your own life and humanity. This book made me want to be a better  man...a better friend...a better person. I will always cherish this  book, and can’t wait to read it again and again and again!!! 

~Todd Blamire


"Angel has hit it out of the park"

What is one’s destiny? No one really ever knows until the journey has been completed. But, I do know that the convictions I hold dear and the values I so cherish are the gifts my parents shared with me long ago, in hopes that I would get it right by doing it right, and, someday pass them on to my own children. As I read Angel’s book, “Dedicated to Destiny” I thought back to the many challenges of life growing up, and, how being accountable was so key to moving forward successfully during the transformation from childhood to adulthood. And, just as she chose 6 words that all begin with the letter R, I chuckled to myself and was immediately reminded of my parents sharing a similar path with 6 similar words that, oddly enough, also all began with the letter R. 

Angel’s Stage 1 is REALIZE, as she referred to as the “aha” moment. My folks reminded me each morning to start the day as positive and RADIANT as I could be. Angel’s 2nd Stage is that of RELEASE… leaving behind unhealthy habits and excess baggage. In other words, be accountable and, as my Mom and Dad often reminded me, to be RESPONSIBLE as you move forward. Angel’s third stage is REBOUND, the phase in which you process positively all the change taking place during the transformation, proving to yourself, as my folks often shared, I needed to be RESILIENT, thus able to withstand or recover from difficult situations. Angel’s Stage 4 is REINVENT. This is when it really all begins and you start to realign and commit to new choices and positive and purposeful behaviors, again falling right in line with my folk’s daily reminder to always be RELIABLE, in whatever I chose to do. The time has come in Angel’s Stage 5 when you RESURRECT, and rise above the obstacles that have always held you back. It’s your time to pay it forward and make a difference in your world. And, you do that every moment of every situation of every day with one of my parent’s forever favorite words, RESPECTFULNESS. Finally, Angel’s Stage 6, RESPOND, is when you take all you’ve learned and you share it with others by becoming that better leader, strong communicator, and, exemplary role model. And, that plays so well off of all I was taught. We don’t live in this world by ourselves, we must never forget the importance of RELATIONSHIPS and how to live a life of civility with all those we encounter, every single moment of every single day throughout our life. 

As someone who majored in Psychology and has always been fascinated with how people think, react and live their lives, in sports vernacular, I think Angel has hit it out of the park. Dedicated to Destiny RESONATES, (oops, another R word), messages that instantly bring back memories of my life, and, I’m sure countless others that read this book. Co-hosting a couple of radio shows with her, I learned quickly her passion and RADIANCE to make a difference in our world, simply by sharing her own experiences in her daily pursuit of personal growth, prosperity and purpose. As Angel points out, there is more change in our world today than ever before. It is, indeed, time for us all to clear the clutter and move forward on the road to achieving our own individual greatness. Well done, Angel! Look forward to the next chapter.

~Scott Murray, Multi EMMY Award-winning Broadcast Journalist, Television & Radio Host

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Dedicated  to Destiny is an inspiring book that provides much wisdom and  perspective to better understand ourselves and connect with our passions  which serve to assist us in living out our destiny. It guides and  encourages us in developing a 360 degree view of self-awareness by  engaging the valuable Self-Discovery questions at the end of each  chapter.  This book is full of positivity, support, and empowerment  which helps us know that we can alter our course to create a life that’s  in alignment with joy and our life’s mission any time we wish. I highly recommend it.

~Alecia R., West Virginia

"Thank you for making my path clear"

WOW!   Just finished this book and loved it!  Loved the simplicity of the message.  Thank you for making my path clear on how to get started on  the journey that's about to take place in my life and helping me to  realize it was all supposed to happen.  Your book was given to me at the  perfect time in my life to help me navigate the tremendous and sudden changes taking place.  There seemed to be no rainbow with a pot of gold at the end...UNTIL NOW!  Thank you for your wisdom and the heart to help others find their way.

~Less D., Texas

"answers to the many questions and challenges we all face everyday"

When  you read this book you may have the feeling the authors knows you.  She  does.  She shares her journey through all the many steps and situations that make up her life.   The statement 'we humans are all more alike  than we are different' is so true.
What you discover reading these well laid out chapters are answers to the many questions and challenges we all face everyday. In your hands  you hold the gift that can heal your spirit which you have been seeking  for so long.
What ever age or stage of life you may be in at this moment reading and  applying this book is the gift of giving yourself back to yourself with  Love.

~Louise K., Texas

"An AHA moment in every chapter"

Just  when you least expect your next AHA moment it hits you right between  the eyes.  The book, Dedicated to Destiny is that AHA moment in every  chapter.  Angel challenges the reader to embrace each step and climb  right out of that hole that you find yourself in.  It is always darkest  before the light and Dedicated to Destiny is your light.  The hope, the  honesty, and soul bearing examples throughout the book illustrate  beautifully just how one goes about transforming and becoming the  butterfly that effortlessly rides the winds of change.  What a profound  book and available at the perfect time especially with so much chaos and  change in our world today.

My favorite quote from the book, "After all, the trees, grass and  planets don't feel the need to control the process of growth." was my  biggest AHA moment.  Letting go of micro managing every aspect of my  life and remembering that God is firmly in control is so freeing.  By  coming into alignment with this almighty force and being the co-creator  that I came here to be is priceless.  Now my life can be filled with  greater joy and ease.  Thank you Angel for reminding me and being a  great storyteller, teacher and leader!  Who is the wise old soul now?  I  can't wait for your next book!!!

~Mary H., New Mexico

"Going from mediocrity to excellence"

I  really think this book could help me become the person that I know is  inside me. I believe a system like this could really help me with the  end result of building a great treasure that I can share with others.  Going from mediocrity to excellence.

~John B., Illinois

"inspires you to take a look at your past, present and future"

Love  this book!  Angel Carlton is a very passionate writer and uses her own  life experiences to guide you through this book!  Very easy read!  It  inspires you to take a look at your past, present and future and how to  make the changes to become the best version of yourself.  A must read!

~Linda S., Illinois